2LT Carol Ann Drazba RN Army Nurse Corps – Dedicated 6/16/12 by Friends of the Forgotten

Memorial pavers continue to be available, call 570-383-9552




















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2 Responses to “2LT Carol Ann Drazba RN Army Nurse Corps – Dedicated 6/16/12 by Friends of the Forgotten”

  1. I personally want to thank the over 800+ who came out to this truly historic event to Honor 2LT Carol Ann Drazba RN, Army Nurse Corps, who gave her life February 18, 1966 in a Helicopter crash in Vietnam- Both She & Elizabeth Jones, RN are considered the first American female military women & nurses to die in the Vietnam War. With over 58,000 names on the Wall in DC, there are only 8 women, all nurses. Carol is the first woman listed- She is also the first Dunmore resident to die in Vietnam. Officers from the Army Nurse Corps from across the Nation converged as well as Officials from The Vietnam 50th Commemoration, The VVA, VVM The Army Nurse History Museum from Ft Sam Houston Texas, The Women in Military Service to America & more. Honored guest speakers were Brig Gen (Ret) Wilma Vaught President of the Women’s Museum & VN Veteran, & Keynote speaker, Maj Gen Jimmie O. Keenan Chief of the Army Nurse Corps. This was a truly historic event honoring the first of it’s kind Nurse/Veteran statue since the Nursing Memorial in DC. The bronze statue 6 ft tall rests atop a black granite pedestal displaying her Medals & Nursing Pins- She wears her Nursing Cap & Cape & holds in her hands the Nightengale Lantern. Behind her a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall telling her story & the Faces of the 7 souls lost in the Huey crash. She rests on “Sacred Ground” in that it is the Ground where she attended Nursing School at Scranton State General Hospital. The Building, now the Gino Merli Veterans Center, is now owned by the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs. She will forever be memorialized at the Gateway to the city of Scranton in a beautiful park like setting where she can forever watch over her Patients & Veterans. The Dept. of Military have called their daughter Home!
    If you would like to visit this historic memorial , she rests on the corners of Mulberry & Franklin Avenues , or Gino Merli Veteran Center 401 Penn Avenue, Scranton, Pa 18503. Memorial Paver will continue to be available to help with upkeep & Construction costs for a donation of $100.
    Call Kim Atkinson 570-383-9552 for info.

  2. Carol Ann Drazba RN T-Shirts are available with Carol’s image as it appears on the poster for the event printed on a white short sleeve T for a $15 donation. Funds will help with upkeep of the memorial. Call Jack at 570-586-5804

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